Light Sources

Laser and electrical discharge based light sources (incl. HHG and hybrid laser-discharge sources)


Radiobiology including studies of radiation damage of particular relevance to radiation induced cancers at tissue, cellular and sub-cellular levels.

Optical Systems

Optical Systems to include to include multilayer EUV and X-ray optical mirrors and filters, reflection gratings, transmission gratings, zone plates, microstructured optical arrays, adaptive optical systems, calibrated detectors, CCD and other imaging array technologies, computational ray tracing.

Metrology and Analysis

EUV and X-ray metrology and material analysis to include geometric, diffractive and interferometric optical methodologies for full system characterisation from sources to optics to detectors as well as thin film, surface and nanostructure analysis by EUV/x-ray microscopy, reflectometry and scatterometry. XSW (X-Ray standing wave) and XPS (X-Ray photoemission Spectroscopy) to derive full optical surface characterization in terms of composition, possible element interdiffusion (in multilayer systems) and phase characterization for multilayer coatings

EUV Nanostructuring and Ablation

EUV nano-structuring and ablation of materials including direct write and projection lithography

Photoionization Processes

Time resolved photoionization studies of atoms, molecules and other small quantum systems in weak and intense EUV and X-ray laser fields using combinations of laser plasma, high order harmonic (HHG), synchrotron, free electron laser (FEL) and optical laser fields.