Czech Technical University in Prague is the leading technical university in the Czech Republic with more than 21,000 students.

EXTATIC Contact Person Professor Jiri Limpouch: Academic lead for the Czech Technical University.

Professor Limpouch is the leader of the Computational Physics Group within the Department of Physical Electronics. He coordinates the research collaboration with PALS laboratory and Institutes of Physics and Plasma Physics of the Academy of Sciences of CR (project Laser Plasma Centre). He is also coordinator of the PhD students team supported by Czech Science Foundation project “Modern trends in plasma physics”.

Education and research in the fields of laser technology, optics, plasma and electronics is concentrated within the Department of Physical Electronics. The department also educates students in the area of computational physics. Currently, there are 38 PhD students registered on the department, of which 16 are carrying research in collaborating institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the CR. Specialized courses on EUV/x-ray optics, technology and detection are taught at the department.