Dublin City University (DCU), Ireland Dublin City University is a young university, situated on an 85 acre campus three miles north of the River Liffey in the city centre and just a 15-minute drive from Dublin airport. With the city just a 10-minute bus drive away, students of DCU have the best of both worlds; the social and cultural benefits of city life, but with the security and vibrancy of a university campus built very much for today.

Dublin City University was initially set up to fulfil the national requirement for a highly-trained workforce with skills in the areas of business, science and electronics, computer technology, communications and languages and as an agent for change in its local community. It was awarded university status in 1989 and is now recognised nationally and internationally as a centre of academic excellence.

DCU has developed its own research specialisms, creating a number of national centres of excellence that collaborate with other universities and industry internationally. These research centres have transcended traditional boundaries and have been extended to include combinations of academic disciplines such as biotechnology, electronic engineering, physics and chemistry.

EXTATIC Contact Person Prof John Costello: academic lead for Dublin City University and EXTATIC Co-ordinator.

Professor John Costello is Executive Dean of the Faculty of Science and Health and a member of the School of Physics (Physical Sciences). He is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics and a Chartered Physicist. His research interests lie mainly in intense laser matter interaction with a special interest in photoionization processes, most recently in XUV Free Electron Laser fields. He is a member of the advisory boards of a number of international research institutes and conferences as well as a number of Institute of Physics committees. He was formerly Chair of the Euratom Fusion Development Association for Ireland.

DCU has been active in EUV sources and spectroscopy for over 25 years. It has well-equipped laboratories for EUV and X-ray imaging and spectroscopy and has recently built an ultrafast laser laboratory for coherent EUV pulse generation. The EXTATIC faculty at DCU also includes Paul van Kampen, Lampros Nikolopoulos and Emeritus Professor Eugene Kennedy. We have published over 200 refereed journal papers between us, and currently have 8 PhD students and 2 postdoctoral fellows working in this domain.