Name: Ahmed Gaballah
Home Institution: Padova
Host Institution: UCD
Cohort: 2014
Email: gaballah@dei.unipd.it  , s-aeh006@fayoum.edu.eg

Project Title

EUV  Polarizer  based on multilayer Optical coating Development


Multilayer re?ective optics are used widely to focus and direct vacuum ultraviolet, extreme ultraviolet (EUV), and soft x-ray photons. The range of applications includes EUV microscopes, spectrometers, EUV steppers, and EUV solar telescopes. Polarization-sensitive experiments have become an important trend in synchrotron radiation. In the EUV and soft X-ray regions, the real part of the refractive indices of all materials is very close to unity this, along with high absorption, makes the realization of such excellent optical polarizers impossible.


The design of a broadband multilayer for a polarizer requires determining the following parameters: incident angle, materials combination and layer thickness distribution. At the Brewster angle, the difference between the s- and p-re?ectivity is at its maximum and a re?ective polarizer can be obtained. We try to make our own design multilayer polarizer based on quarter wave plate.

Since ML are based on thin film deposition their performances critically depend on the deposition procedures and on the structural and optical properties of the materials. So their design and final performance will depend also on the knowledge of the properties of the ML structures. For this reason the task of the project will be the design but also and principally the characterization of the samples. measurements of the optical constants of materials in the EUV when deposited in ultra-thin layers and ML characterization through different techniques like XRR, XRD, TEM, XPS, AFM and EUV reflectometry.  Some measurements will be performed also at Large Scale Facilities within specific research proposals.



Mr. Ahmed was graduated from Faculty of Science, Physics Department, Fayoum University, Egypt in 2008. After his graduation he have been awarded a scholarship in April 2009 from Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT), Egypt, to conduct research studies in the field of nanostructured conducting polymer thin films in order to attain M.Sc. Degree In 2012, He Joined the National Institute for Standards (NIS), Egypt, as an assistant researcher  member in 2012.

He has been selected to join the Photometry Department amongst many applicants due to his high graduation degree and also the high scores he had in related subjects. Mr. Ahmed has already been joined EXTATIC Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate program in October 2014