Name:Antonela Comisso
Home Institution:UNIPD
Host Institution:UCD
Cohort: 2013

Project Title

Study of multilayer coating structures properties


Multilayer (ML) coatings for Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) spectral range are widely studied. One of the major efforts is made for the development of the new EUVL systems for the photolithography of integrated circuits well beyond the 30 nm node resolution limit.


Furthermore, they are now routinely applied in experimental apparatus for synchrotron radiation beam lines. In addition to this ML structures are also developed for space experiments like EUV solar spectroscopic imagers and more recently for ultra-short pulse reflection like in the HHG experiments where the atto-second barrier has been reached and for EUV and X-ray Free Electron Laser applications.

The working principle of these ML structures is based on the coherent superposition of the reflected components at interfaces between the various layers. The thickness of the layers is so small, a fraction of the working wavelength, that considerable problems derive from the quality of the interfaces and surfaces as well as from the structure of the films which can not be similar to that of the bulk material.

The research work will focus on the various technical problems related to the deposition of reliable and stable ML’s as well as on the design of new structures tailored for new targeted applications. On this matter, multilayer coating structures will be studied. New materials will be investigated and their properties when grown in a multilayer stack will be characterized. The effect of exposure to EUV radiation or environmental effects will also be analyzed.



Antonela Comisso received her bachelor and MS equivalent degree in Physics from National University of Rosario, Argentina. During this stage, her research was done in the Plasma Group Department focusing mainly in the study and deposition of aluminum alloys. She also was a junior teacher involved in teaching and laboratory work activities, with Biochemistry and Pharmacy under-graduate students, in the physics department.

She is at the moment doing a joint PhD between University of Padova (Italy) and University College Dublin (Ireland) supported by the EU Erasmus Mundus doctoral program (Extreme- Ultraviolet and X-ray Technology and Training for Interdisciplinary Cooperation, EXTATIC).  Her current research area involves the study and design of thin films and multilayer coatings for Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) spectral range, based on higher reflectivity output. Optical characterization of thin films, stability issues, surface and interface properties, chemical activity and compound formation with other materials. E-beam and sputtering magnetron thin film deposition performance.