Name:Getasew Admusu Wubetu
Home Institution:DCU
Host Institution:MUT
Cohort: 2013

Project Title

Investigation of Colliding Plasma Produced by Ultrafast Laser Ablation of Solids


The project is broadly concerned with the interaction between high powered lasers and solid matter with a specific focus on the diagnostics of laser produced plasmas. The first phase of his project is to develop an experimental system to measure the emission spectra from solid targets irradiated by intense laser pulses. The focus is on detecting any polarization anisotropy that may exist in the plasma plume.


This work will be performed by placing a polariser in front of a spectrometer for the application of LIBS. The idea of using Polarization Resolved LIBS (PRLIBS) is to get a better Signal to Background Ratio (SBR), thus increasing the Limit of Detection (LOD). Then, he will study the diagnosing of the collision plane to form a stagnation layer between two counter propagating plasmas produced with ultrafast laser pulses and also on EUV backlighting of this collision front of a solid target.

He will then explore the composition of stagnation layer. The entities in the stagnation layer should be of significant interest as a target fuel for other applications in EUV and X-ray light sources, UV and VUV LIBS, possible deposition, etc. He will also apply a battery of diagnostics to include ICCD imaging, OES, LIF, etc. as well as possible particle diagnostics such as Faraday cup and Langmuir probes. Surface measurements such as AFM, SEM and Raman spectroscopy will be performed to support our optical diagnostics.



Getasew Admasu Wubetu is currently a joint PhD candidate in EXTATIC Erasmus Mundus at the National Center for Plasma Science and Technology (NCPST) in Dublin City University (DCU), Ireland and Institute of Opoelectronics at the Military University of Technology Warsaw (MUT), Poland. He completed a one year doctoral program in Taiwan International Graduate Program at Academia Sinica research center, Taipei, Taiwan in 2012/2013. He received an Advanced Masters in Nanophysic in September 2009 from the University of Antwerp, Belgium. He also graduated with M.Sc in Nanomaterials from the University of Ulm, Germany on November 2004 and with B. Ed degree in physics (minor in mathematics) from the Alemaya (currently Haramaya University), Ethiopia on July, 2000.

He had served as an ICT Director of the Bahir Dar University from July 2007- September 2008, heading the networking infrastructure and computing facilities. In addition, he taught for nine years in Universities in Ethiopia as a graduate assistant, assistant lecturer and lecturer and still he is a staff member in the Physics Department at Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia. During his masters, he has been working on time resolved pump-probe absorption spectroscopy on Organic/Inorganic electronic devices. He has also experience in producing thin films and surface characterizations such as AFM, SEM and Raman spectroscopy. He has also taken several nanomaterials and nanophysics courses supplemented by intensive experimental experiences.