Name: Girum Abebe Beyene

Home Institution: UCD

Host Institution: RWTH

Cohort: 2012


Project Title

Development and Applications of Laser Discharge Hybrid EUV and Soft X-ray Sources


With the motivation of producing high-brightness and stable, short-wavelength light sources for metrology applications, the research activity involves a Laser Assisted Vacuum Arc (LAVA) EUV source. In the LAVA lamp, a high-current discharge between two Sn coated rotating electrodes is triggered by local laser ablation of one of the electrodes to create z-pinch plasma. Using time resolved imaging and EUV spectroscopy combined with ion probes of the plasma we will gain an understanding of the dynamic mechanisms leading to high efficiency and the potential to exploit further applications.


Girum A. Beyene got his joint MSc under Erasmus Mundus European Scholarship in 2009 in Fusion Plasma Science & Engineering Physics with great distinction from University of Nancy (France), Royal Institute of Technology (KTH-Sweden) and Research Centre Juelich (Germany), with a project involving Laser Induced Ablation/ Desorption for plasma-wall interaction diagnostics. Under the same scheme, he is currently doing a joint PhD between University College Dublin (Ireland) and RWTH University Aachen (Germany) through EXTATIC.

His current research area involves laser-plasma interaction experiments towards high brightness short-wavelength EUV and soft X-ray light sources using hybrid laser-discharge plasma approaches. He has extended his research internship in ILT-Fraunhofer to investigate pulse-to-pulse EUV energy stability for the high brightness experimental campaign being conducted at EXTREME/USHIO, a partner to the EXTATIC. He is also involved in the hybrid laser-gas-discharge high brightness experiment to be done in the research center at Juelich.