Name: Haider Al-Juboori
Home Institution: UCD
Host Institution: RWTH Aachen
Cohort: 2015

Project Title

Investigation into novel water window detectors for imaging


Water window microscopy of biological samples using alkali halide detectors offers the prospect of achieving much higher resolutions than currently available with optical microscopy.  In particular, LiF has many suitable properties as a detector for this purpose [1].  Typical experiments use an x-ray source such as a laser-produced plasma or plasma discharge, which then illuminates the sample and produces the colour centres in the LiF. However, there is much about the dynamics of the colour centre production that have yet to be investigated [2-3]. Increased knowledge of this process will help optimise the technique with a view to enhancing the resolution available and perhaps even achieving sub- diffraction limited performance. These dynamics are also relevant in developing LiF as a broadband laser [4].


This project will seek to investigate the dynamics of colour centre production, stability and temperature effects. The student will work with high-powered laser and a plasma discharge as the source and will design and optimise the exposure and image reconstruction set-up.  The student will gain experience of high-powered lasers, plasma discharges, optics and vacuum systems. There exists much scope to develop this project into a novel microscope for biological imaging.



Mr. Haider Al-Juboori has graduated from Nahrain University / College of Engineering in optoelectronics and Laser system Engineering, in 1999. He earned his M.Sc. degree in optoelectronics Engineering from Nahrain University in 2002. He had practical work in Lund University/MAX-lab for develops some technical methods of image processing system in FEL test facility at MAX-lab/Sweden, from August to Nov. 2008.  He worked as visiting researcher Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY), Photo Injector Test Facility (PITZ) Group/Germany, for developing and implementing the optical and imaging systems for femto-second pulses of electron bunches, from May 2009 to April 2010.

Mr. Al-Juboori joined EXTATIC Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate program in September 2016. His project title is “Investigation into novel water window detectors for imaging”. He is particularly interested in development and demonstration of soft x-ray sources and LiF detector facilities for imaging applications.