Name: Haoyan Lu
Home Institution: University of Southampton
Host Institution: RWTH Aachen
Cohort: 2016

Project Title

Applications of soft X-ray coherent imaging


The imaging technique which helps to see complex structures is an effective boost for understanding.  Coherent imaging is one new technique which bridges between traditional imaging and diffraction measurements (e.g. X-ray scattering).



Instead of using lenses to form images, lensless coherent imaging involves illuminating the object with coherent radiation, and measuring the intensity of scattered radiation from the object directly, using no additional imaging optics. Compared with visible light imaging techniques, coherent soft X-ray imaging can reach better resolution as high as sub 50 nm. Furthermore, it also retains phase shift information, which can reflect more detailed structural differences.  The phase information needed to form an image is reconstructed using an iterative algorithm, yielding the full radiation field at the object, with both its real and imaginary components. The effectiveness and accuracy of iterative algorithm in reconstruction are crucial to define reconstructed results. This project mainly focuses on the perfection of existing algorithm and use this technique further on more samples.



Mr. Haoyan Lu earned his B.E. in Nuclear Technology in Fudan University, China in June 2013. Then he continued his study of Master degree in Institute of Modern Physics, Fudan University, China. In July 2016, he got his M.S. in Particle Physics and Atomic Physics. During Master, he was working on nuclear analysis techniques, including particle induced X-ray emission (PIXE), scanning transmission ion microscopy and Rutherford backscattering spectrum. His main focus was PIXE-T technique, which combines PIXE with tomography and can measure element spatial distribution with high sensitivity down to several ppm. He applied PIXE-T techniques on inertial confinement fusion target to reflect dopants’ distribution. This is the first time in that field. In Sep 2016, Mr. Haoyan Lu joined EXTATIC Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate program. His project is “Applications of soft X-ray coherent imaging”. He is particularly interested in image reconstruction using coherent X-ray.