Name: Jan Bußmann
Home Institution: RWTH
Host Institution:  No mobility as an Extatic Non-Erasmus Mundus Member
Cohort: 2014
Email: jan.bussmann@rwth-aachen.de

Project Title

Development of the element-selective coherent imaging techniques in the extreme ultraviolet spectral range using partially coherent plasma based sources.


The project aims at advancing the imaging techniques based on coherent diffraction at non-periodic objects (Coherent Diffraction Imaging – CDI).

CDI at short wavelength (EUV) enables achieving nano-scale resolution without the use of traditional sophisticated EUV and X-ray optics. Instead, the object information is obtained from diffraction patterns through numerical reconstruction by iterative algorithms. Besides resolution, the EUV radiation provides strong material contrast.


Presently CDI in EUV, which is actively used by material science and biology, requires intense, coherent radiation and is available only at large scale facilities (synchrotrons, free electron lasers). With proposed use of compact plasma EUV sources, e.g. gas discharge based, this technique will become affordable by common university labs.



Mr. Jan Bußmann has graduated from RWTH Aachen University majoring in Physics, in 2010. He received M.Sc. degree in 2013 from RWTH Aachen University working in the group of Prof. Hendrik Bluhm, Ph.D., under supervision of Dr. Lars Schreiber. His master thesis’s subject was in the field of quantum computation with special focus on realization of qubits in Si/SiGe heterostructures.

During the studies he got acquainted with semiconductor technology and semiconductor fabrication techniques and characterization. In 2014, he started studies towards PhD joining EUV research group of Prof. Dr. Larissa Juschkin at the Forschungszentrum Jülich (Jülich, Germany). His subject is the development of coherent diffractive imaging technique using EUV light from compact plasma sources. He is interested in nanotechnology, development of gas-discharge plasma sources, and in applications of the coherent diffractive imaging. He participates in the European program of PhD student exchange and collaboration between different universities (EXTATIC).