Name: Lazaros Varvarezos
Home Institution: DCU
Host Institution: SOTON
Cohort: 2015

Project Title

Ultrafast Multiphoton-Multicolour Ionization and Spectroscopy of Small Quantum Systems


Progress made in laser technology during the last decades led to the development of table top laser sources, being able to produce femtosecond laser pulses resulting in concentration of energy in a very short time period. These pulses can subsequently be focused leading to laser intensities on the order of 1013 w/cm2 or more.


When this is the case, the external laser fields are comparable or even stronger than the internal Coulombic field which  binds the atomic /molecular electrons. The interaction of  such intense laser fields with atomic/molecular samples is characterized by the simultaneous absorption of many photons which eventually causes the ionization of the sample under study. The so called multiphoton ionization leads to formation of positive ions and the emission of photoelectrons.

Ion TOF spectroscopy and photoelectron spectroscopy will be applied to study the ionization of various samples. Furthermore, the studies will be extended so as to include different laser wavelengths in both the IR spectral region, which are now available by means of OPAs, and in the UV/VUV spectral region, whose production is based on high harmonic generation. Moreover, dual wavelength experiments will be carried out in order to fully investigate the ionization process.



Mr Lazaros Varvarezos obtained a B.Sc. in physics from the University of Ioannina (Greece) in 2014 .He also earned a M.Sc. Degree in physics, from the same university in 2015. His master’s thesis concerned the development of a tunable fs UV/VUV light source based on harmonic generation.

In November 2015, Mr Varvarezos joined the EXTATIC Erasmus  Mundus Joint  Doctorate program. He is mainly interested in laser- matter interactions and especially ultrafast interactions of fs laser pulses with gaseous targets (atoms,molecules).