Name:Magdalena Miszczak
Home Institution:SOTON
Host Institution:UNIPD
Cohort: 2013

Project Title

Optics for Short Pulse X-Ray Sources


The PhD concerns the design, nanofabrication, and testing of Extreme Ultraviolet Radiation (EUV) optics for short wavelengths applicable to novel imaging systems based on High Harmonic Generation (HHG). Such optics allows beam manipulation and image improvement, to maintain source coherence and temporal properties. The project studies multilayer optics for novel imaging systems, particularly for new regimes around 4nm wavelength – concentrating on pulse shaping, adaptive optics and beam shaping in order to develop deformable EUV mirrors.


Magdalena Miszczak graduated with an M.Sc. Eng. in Chemical Technology from Warsaw University of Technology (Poland) in 2009. Her Master project, researched at the East Paris Institute of Chemistry and Material Science in France, was “Design of hydrophilic polymeric monolith skeleton with versatile capillary electrochromatographic applications”, focusing on the production of hydrophilic, polymeric monolithic columns for capillary electrochromatography.

Magdalena subsequently worked at the Agency for Heath Technology Assessment in Poland, where she became a specialist in clinical, economical budgetary impact assessment of medical technologies and drugs, which has long been her area of interest. In October 2013 she started a PhD project researching at the University of Southampton Optoelectronics Research Centre, as part of the Ultrafast X-ray Group of Dr Bill Brocklesby. Her current research interest is in optics for short pulse X-Ray sources. Part of the project will be based at the University of Padova, in the research group of Prof. Piergiorgio Nicolosi, studying laser-matter interactions and EUV optics.