Name:Mesfin Getachew Ayele
Home Institution:MUT
Host Institution:CTU
Cohort: 2013

Project Title

Soft X-ray Contact Microscopy using a Compact Laser Plasma Light Source


One of the important applications of laser plasma x-ray sources is soft x-ray contact microscopy of living biological samples. This technique provides useful information in imaging of living hydrated biological samples without any artificial treatments such as staining, fixation, and slicing. Soft x-rays for such application can be produced by synchrotron radiation sources or laser-plasma based sources.

However the limited access to synchrotron radiation sources and the long exposure time needed to irradiate biological sample using such a source encouraged the development of a laboratory scale pulsed laser-plasma based soft x-ray sources, which produce burst of soft x-rays that can be used to image living wet cells within a very short exposure time. The aim of this research project to develop a laboratory scale compact laser-plasma soft x-ray source based on a double-stream gas puff for contact microscopy application to study living biological samples and nanostructures with high resolution.


Mesfin Getachew studied for a Bachelor of Education in Physics and Master of Science in Medical Physics in Ethiopia.  Prior to the master study, Mesfin was employed in the ministry of education in Ethiopia as a physics instructor and taught different physics courses in the department of physics for five years. After the Master of Science study, he joined the radiation protection authority of Ethiopia and worked as a radiation expert in the department of inspection and enforcement for one year.

Working in a team environment as an expert, he acquired a lot of knowledge and experience on radiation and radiation protection protocols. Mesfin also has a scientific background and experience in hard x-rays and x-ray diagnostics. Currently Mesfin is working as a research engineer as part of his joint doctoral study program at the Military University of technology, Warsaw and Czech Technical University, Prague. Mesfin is interested in any scientific researches related to X-ray/EUV sources, X-ray optics and their application in different areas of science and technology.