Name: Mewael Giday Sertsu

Home Institution: UNIPD

Host Institution: RWTH

Cohort: 2012


Project Title

Deposition and characterization of EUV and soft X-ray multilayers


The major tasks of the PhD include identifying materials, designing, development and characterization of multilayers for the EUV and soft X-ray wavelength applications with major duty being metrology of the multilayers. The project integrates both the theoretical background, numerical tools for multilayer design and experimental methods.  Material selection and designing are particularly tuned towards the 13.5nm and 6.x nm wavelengths for applications in the EUVL and BEUVL. Major multilayer deposition techniques in use are the E-beam evaporation and RF magnetron sputtering facilities for various materials.

The metrology part, however, includes both Synchrotron-based and table-top facilities to study multilayer structures, optical constants and several impacts on possible property and performance shifts such as local atoms interactions, inter diffusion and oxidation reactions. Typical metrology facilities used are XRR, EUV reflectometer, AFM, EUV scatterometry: A combination and innovative metrology techniques are given emphasis in the work to come up with better precision measurements. As a result of the above works, multilayer interface properties are investigated thus far and results are on pipeline to be published.


Mewael Giday earned a bachelor degree in Physics from Alemaya University in Ethiopia and an Erasmus Mundus Master of Science in Photonics from the Universities of Ghent (Belgium) and KTH (Sweden).  Mewael has studied both the physics and engineering of optical devices with frequent trainings and  hands-on experiences during the 2 year program. It was a broad field of study covering optical communications and networking, optical materials and properties, and semiconductor devices and their applications.  Mewael obtained the general overview of the photonics field which actually helped him to interact with various research undertakings in various fields.  Currently, Mewael is pursuing a PhD study in EUV and X-ray Science  in Padova University (Italy) and Aachen University (Germany).