Name:Michal Odstrcil
Home Institution:SOTON
Host Institution:RWTH
Cohort: 2013

Project Title

Coherent X-ray imaging


This project aims to develop the technique of Coherent Diffractive Imaging (CDI) with nanometer resolution using lab-based XUV sources. CDI is a new, lensless, imaging technique in which a coherent light source illuminates an object, and the scattered radiation is collected using a simple detector. Using computational techniques, the electromagnetic field of the original object can be reconstructed providing the ability to perform EUV and X-ray microscopy without the use of any form of lens. Coherent light sources for the project will be provided via High Harmonic Generation using ultrafast lasers and via plasma generation. The microscope’s capability will be demonstrated in imaging nanostructures, lithography masks, and biological structures, establishing its broad applicability.


Michal Odstrcil obtained his Bachelor and Master Degrees in Physics at the Czech Technical University in Prague in Physics and Technology of Nuclear Fusion.  Michal also achieved a Master degree at the Gent University (Belgium) under the framework of the Erasmus Mundus in Nuclear Fusion.

Michal worked in the Institute of Plasma Physics in Prague, tokamak COMPASS (2011-2012) as a research assistant and since 2012 he is an employee of tokamak GOLEM. His research interests are mainly ill-posed problems such as deconvolution and plasma tomography, data-mining from large databases. For the tokamak GOLEM, he developed data processing routines, user interface and a data storage system. Other projects were focused on data processing from fast cameras and dust particles tracking (tokamak COMPASS). In 2013, he joined the EXTATIC PhD programme.