Name:Muhammad Fahad Nawaz
Home Institution:CTU
Host Institution:MUT
Cohort: 2012

Project Title

Intense XUV sources based on capillary discharge and applications


XUV emission from a capillary discharge is being investigated in the advanced capillary discharge laboratory at the CTU Prague. XUV temporal, spectral and imaging diagnostics will be used for capillary discharge characterization. The source will be tailored for various applications. Soft X-Ray microscopy setup will be designed and developed, enabling biological cells imaging in water-window. Soft X-Ray microscopy based on laser-plasma XUV source at the MUT Warsaw will be studied as a part of mobility. Further applications for the capillary discharge sources will be explored.



Muhammad graduated with a BSc. degree in Lasers & Optoelectronics Engineering from the Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences & Technology, Pakistan in 2005. After that he joined a telecommunication company, Nokia Siemens Networks – Pakistan. Muhammad worked there for two years as an Engineer on mobile-core network implementation. In 2007, he went to Jena – Germany, to start an Erasmus Mundus master program in optics in science and technology. Muhammad spent two years of his MSc. Photonics studies between the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, Germany and the Warsaw University of Technology, Poland. Muhammad graduated with an MSc. degree in Photonics form the FSU – Jena in 2010. After that, he joined his home university in Pakistan as a research associate, and was involved in teaching and laboratory work activities, with the under-graduate Engineering students.

Muhammad taught Engineering Electromagnetics and Optical Communication Networks courses. After that, in September 2011, he joined the Technical University of Madrid- Spain, as a Junior Researcher in the area of High-Power Laser-Matter Interaction. He was involved in experiments related to Laser Plasma generation, Laser shock-processing and ablation etc. It was at the Technical University of Madrid, that he caught a real curiosity in the area of Plasma generation and its dynamics. Muhammad became interested in the Extreme Ultraviolet Radiation generation, and the exciting applications connected with this wavelength region. It was then, that he decided to pursue his research path in this direction, under the umbrella of doctorate studies and research. Muhammad is a doctorate student in the Erasmus Mundus’s doctorate program of EXTATIC.