Name: Seyed Moein Ghafoori
Home Institution: RWTH Aachen
Host Institution: University of Southampton
Cohort: 2016

Project Title

Extreme ultraviolet based structuring and analysis methods: tackling inverse problem of imaging


Reduction of the size of the functional elements in nanoelectronics is setting new targets for the metrology of such nanostructures. Wide variety of the materials employed, often required non-destructivity and ultra-small lateral dimensions mean many traditional metrology approaches are going to expire in the near future. Short wavelength metrology is inherently optimally suited for nanostructures, due to strong interaction with matter, efficient scattering and high achievable resolution.


This makes it highly promising technology that can be scaled down to single nanometers structures straightforwardly. The goal of the project is to investigate and optimize several pattern characterization methods such as EUV scattering and coherent diffractive imaging (CDI), as well as spectroscopic reflectometry with the aim to determine suitability and application limits of each method for patterns produced both with lithographic methods and with directed self-assembly. The corresponding modelling and analysis routines will be developed that will be able to extract relevant parameters of the patterns, such as roughness, period and line to gap ratio. The method will then be applied to test structures in order to establish perspectives for the industrial application.




Mr. Seyed Moein Ghafoori has graduated from Science and research branch of Islamic Azad University, in Engineering Physics, in 2012. He earned his M.Sc. in Photonics from Guilan University in 2014. His master thesis dissertation was  “ Study the coherent gas state in high order harmonic generation yield “. He joined Extatic Erasmus Mundus joint doctorate program in 2016. His project title is “ Extreme ultraviolet based structuring and analysis methods: tackling inverse problem of imaging “. He is also interested in the field of High order Harmonic generation, ultrafast optics and nonlinear optics.